Equipment Hire

We have the following equipment available for hire and more coming soon.

Wacker/Plate Compactor 87kg

Ideal for compacting small to medium areas of sand, gravel or soil and create the perfect level foundations for concrete area, walkways, and pavers. Require a two-person lift for safety.

Hire for $60 per day

Hydraulic Wood Splitter

Trailer based hydraulic wood splitter with hydraulic log lifter. Easily splits the toughest hardwoods up to 450mm in length. Trailer based so customer will need to provide vehicle to tow.

Hire for $200 per day

Post Hole Digger - one Man

A light, petrol powered, hand held, hole auger designed to bore up to 200mm diameter holes for fence post holes, planting trees or shrubs, or soil testing.

Hire for $100 per day