Quality Garden Products

Top Soils, Mulches & Compost

Both premium and budget options are available for some products, differing in quality, but ensuring all budgets are met.

Quality Lawn soil

Garden Soil

Our garden mix is a high-quality blended soil consisting of loam sand, aged high-quality compost, and screened topsoil. Great for general garden use.

$70 per 1m cube

Quality Topsoil

Lawn Soil

Our lawn mix is designed specifically with grass in mind. A mixture of topsoil, compost for nutrients, and a healthy mix of loam sand for added drainage.

$70 per 1m cube

Screened Soil

A budget priced top soil that is a good choice when large quantities of soil are required to fill areas before adding a premium lawn or garden blend.

$55 per 1m cube

Organic Compost

Green Waste Compost

A highly nutrient rich compost product great for adding in to veggie patches or existing garden beds.

$70 per 1m cube

Lawn Sand

Use for repairing hole or leveling areas in your lawn. Can also be used with our Lawn Soil to maximize drainage.

$70 per 1m cube

Eucy Mulch

Eucy Mulch

A blend of eucalyptus wood that long lasting, great for holding moisture, suppressing weeds, and improving the general condition of soil.

$60 per 1m cube

Soft Play Mulch

Softfall Pine Mulch is a certified playground under surface material designed specifically for under play equipment but can also be used in the garden.

$90 per 1m cube

Blended Bark

The blended bark is a mixture of Pine Bark and dyed brown mulch designed to give a nature look to your garden and to hold colour for longer.

$90 per 1m cube

Black Mulch

Highly popular choice mulch as it is appearance is greatly decorative and creates a wonderful contrast to green plants. Non-toxic mulch.

$90 per 1m cube

Red Mulch

A vibrant statement to complete your garden, our Red Mulch is a popular finish. The long lasting, non-toxic dyed mulch is safe for plants, pets, and kids.

$90 per 1m cube

Tree Mulch

Tree Mulch

A great budget option mulch for the garden. As a by-product of tree lopping, Tree Mulch can be non-uniform and inconsistent varying from load to load.

*Currently Unavailable

$25 per 1m cube

A Bag of Mushroom Compost

Mushroom Compost

An organic product perfect for adding nutrients into the home garden or veggie patch. Improving soil structure and water retention.

$9 per 30ltr bag or 3 for $24

A Bag of Sheep Manure

Sheep Manure

An all purpose organic fertilizer suitable for fertilising trees, shrubs, lawns, vegetable, fruit and flower gardens. Promotes vigorous and healthy plants.

$9 per 30ltr bag or 3 for $24

Premium Potting mix 25ltr

A blend of organic composted materials combined with water storage crystals, coir, fertilizer, and trace elements to provide your plants the best growing conditions.

25ltr Bag - $12

General Potting Mix 30ltr

A high drainage, good quality, potting mix suitable for most plants and containers. Contains nutrients for up to one month of plant growth but best partnered with slow release fertilizers.

30ltr Bag - $8