Quality Building Supplies

Sand & building products


Perfect for any area you need a solid base including under slabs, driveways and carparks, paths and walkways, and more.

$65 per 1m cube


7mm Aggergate or Quarter Minus is a blue metal clean stone gravel which is used for drainage or concrete applications.

$85 per 1m cube


Used as a drainage medium or to back fill trenches. Also is a cost-effective stone for around pavers and on paths or driveways.

$85 per 1m cube

Premium Quality Conmix


A premixed of sand and aggerate perfect for your general-purpose cementing needs, just add cement and water

$115 per 1m cube

Red brickie Sand

A widely popular brick sand for any brick or block work construction or landscaping needs.

$85 per 1m cube

White Brickie Sand

White Brickie Sand

Provides a clean and bright finish to works and suitable for a range of tasks including landscaping, brick walls, mortar productions.

$85 per 1m cube

Washed River Sand

washed River Sand

A course grain, cleaned sand that is a primary ingredient used when making concrete but can be used in a wide range of purposes.

$85 per 1m cube


A highly decorative finish for pathing or driveways from our local area. Compacts hard to give a solid base under foot.

$95 per 1m cube

Concrete Mix Bag

Concrete Mix

a proportioned blend of dry aggregate, graded sands and cement suitable for all general purpose concrete applications.


General Purpose Cement Bag

GP Cement

Exceeds the requirements for type GP cement in the Australian Standard AS 3972 – General purpose and blended cements.

$10 per bag